Michi participated “Urban Forum” hosted by the Mayor of Vladivostok.

in News | December 13, 2014

On November 15, Michi made a presentation and joined a panel discussion in “Urban Forum”, which took place in Vladivostok, Russia.

The forum was hosted by Mr. I. S. Pushkaryov, the Mayor of Vladivostok, and the discussions focused on the trans-border agglomeration of the regions. The invitees from Japan included Professor Shimotomai of Hosei University, who is the leading scholar in Russian politics and political history, Mr. Fujii, Department Manager, Urban Planning Department of the City of Tottori, which has friendship agreement with Vladivostok.

Michi stressed in his speech and panel discussion that clear vision of industry to develop in the region and firm structure to assure the cooperation of the surrounding cities around Vladivostok are imperative for the successful development of the region.

The venue of the forum was the international conference hall of Far East Federal University in Russky Island, where the Summit Meeting of APEC 2012 was held.