Participation in commissioned study by Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the submission of a report

in News | December 13, 2014

The Energy Working Group (EWG) of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) initiated its Low-Carbon Model Town Taskforce in 2010.

This taskforce is composed of three pillars of activities, namely, (1) the preparation of Low-Carbon Model Town Guideline for the government official of the APEC region, (2) the feasibility study towards low-carbon cities/towns and recommendations onto a model city/town, which is selected for each year, and (3) the policy peer review onto the economy the model city/town is selected. The feasibility study and the recommendations are carried out by one or more private consultants assigned through international open tender.

San Borja Municipality, the City of Lima, Peru, was selected as the model town for Phase 4 study of low-carbon feasibility study, which should take place in 2014, and MICHI Creative City Designers Inc. won the tender under a consortium with Hitachi Consulting Corporation of the United States and NIKKEN SEKKEI Research Institute of Japan.

The team completed its 8-month study and submitted the final report to APEC Secretariat.

This is the first case for MICHI Creative City Designers Inc. to obtain purchase order from overseas organization out of Japan.

The company will continue its effort to expand the overseas business like this in the years to come.

The final report, submitted recently, will be adjusted to the instructions by APEC Secretariat, and will be posted onto the Publication Section of APEC Web site as a downloadable file.