Michi participated a series of meetings of ISO as an official liaison officer of APEC (11-15 January, Vienna)

in News | February 07, 2016

ISO TC268 “Sustainable development in communities” held its WG and SC meetings between 11 and 15 January at the premises of Austrian Standards Institute in Vienna, and Michi took part in the meetings as an official Liaison Officer of APEC to TC268/WG2.

Michi reported the progress of the development of APEC Low-Carbon Town Indicators, in which Michi has been engaged personally, and also discussed APEC’s possible approaches to integrate APEC indicators into ISO standards of city indicators.
In 2015, ISO TC268/WG2 “City indicators” started new work items of setting “Indicators for smart cities” and “Indicators for resilient cities”, both of which have features of low-carbon in their range of discussion.
For the background of APEC’s nomination of Michi as the Liaison Officer to ISO TC268, please refer to the news of June, 2015.